Humboldtcanada trauert um Heinrich Pfeiffer

Heinrich Pfeiffer Foto: Humboldt-Stiftung/Oliver Rüther

Mit großer Betroffenheit und Anteilnahme nimmt die Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Abschied von ihrem langjährigen Generalsekretär Dr. Drs. hc. mult. Heinrich Pfeiffer, der am 22. Dezember 2016 im Alter von 89 Jahren unerwartet aus einem erfüllten Leben genommen wurde.

Dr. Heinrich Pfeiffer war seit 1956 zunächst Geschäftsführer und später bis zu seinem Ausscheiden 1995 Generalsekretär der Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung. Anschließend blieb er der Stiftung bis zu seinem Tod als Ehrenmitglied des Stiftungsrates aktiv verbunden.
Unter seiner Leitung entwickelte sich die Stiftung zu einer der anerkanntesten Organisationen der deutschen Auswärtigen Kultur- und Bildungspolitik. Heinrich Pfeiffer baute ein globales Netzwerk des Vertrauens unter den von der Stiftung Geförderten auf, das wesentlich zur Völkerverständigung beitrug und die Stiftung bis heute geprägt hat. Die tiefe Verbundenheit unserer Alumni in aller Welt, zu denen er bis zu seinem Tod vielfältige Verbindungen und Freundschaften unterhielt, kam auch in jüngster Zeit immer wieder deutlich zum Ausdruck und hat weltweit zum Ansehen der Stiftung beigetragen.

Die Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung ist Dr. Heinrich Pfeiffer zutiefst dankbar für sein langjähriges Wirken, in das er seine ganze Person einbrachte.

Text adapted from Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation.


This year no Feuerzangebowle, but something Canadian:


“time” and “timing”


the contribution by Frank W. Stahnisch at the 2016 Humboldt Kolleg

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editing and writing by Dorothy Porter & Frank W. Stahnisch


Western Humanities Alliance Special Issue

with an edited volume by

Dorothy Porter & Frank W. Stahnisch, eds.: Boundary Work and Trading Zones in the History of Medicine and Medical Humanities. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Press 2015 (396pp.)

Editor’s Note

Our annual special issue with the Western Humanities Alliance. This year’s theme is “Trading Zone and Boundary Concepts in the History of Medicine and the Medical Humanities.”

Editors: Dorothy Porter & Frank W. Stahnisch

it’s time for 2016 HUMBOLDT KOLLEG

kolleg_2016to view or print Final 2016 Kolleg Programme & Abstract Book: TIME (click here)







invitation to early career scholars

logo March 2016

Dear Post-Doctoral Trainees, Clinician Scientist Trainees and Early Career Researchers,

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation offers research fellowships and research awards to outstandingly qualified researchers to conduct research in Germany.  The selection committees comprise academics from all fields of specialisation and they make independent decisions, based solely on the applicant’s academic record. The Foundation supports people, not projects. Once a Humboldtian, the Foundation integrates all alumni in a world-spanning network of excellence during their entire lifetime.

As part of our ongoing network of promoting collaborative research excellence between Germany and Canada, I would like to extend an invitation to Post-Doctoral Trainees, Clinician Scientist Trainees and early career scholarships (< 12 years of PhD) to the upcoming Humboldt Kolleg on “Time” to be held at the Munk Conference Centre at the University of Toronto, May 6-8, 2016.   Following on the footsteps of 4 highly successful Kollegs on the elements, “Water “(Banff, 2005), “Fire” (Ottawa, 2009), “Air” (Vancouver, 2011) and “Earth “(2014), ‘Time’ will undoubtedly result in a weekend of stimulating conversations amongst us.

The meeting is generously supported by grants from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Germany Academic Exchange (DAAD). Conference registration and meals will be covered.  An excursion to Niagara-on-the-Lake is open to conference attendees and spouses at the cost of $120 each, and includes transportation, winery tour and an evening dinner reception.

Updates regarding the conference can be found on this website. Information about the opportunities offered by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation can be found at

If interested, please complete and return attached registration form at your earliest convenience.  Space is limited. If there are questions, please contact me at the address below.


Chung-Wai Chow, MD, PhD, FRCPC

President, Humboldt Foundation of Canada


Stephen Clarkson

It is with sadness that we report that Stephen Clarkson, a well-know political scientist at the University of Toronto, has died in Freiburg, Germany while on a research trip. He was 78.

You may know that he was the winner of Alexander Humboldt Foundation’s Konrad Adenauer Research Award in 2013. The Award, managed by the Royal Society of Canada, was created to promote academic collaboration between Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany and is available to be awarded annually to a Canadian scholar in the humanities or social sciences.

Some details of Stephen’s life and contributions can be found here in this Globe & Mail article;

2016 Humboldt Kolleg – Time-travel discounts

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Call for Nominations, Konrad Adenauer Research Award

adenauerhumboldtThe Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Royal Society of Canada are pleased to announce a call for nominations for the Konrad Adenauer Research Award 2016. The Award is conferred annually and recognises the entire academic record to date of an internationally renowned Canadian researcher in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Nominations for the award must identify academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and beyond, and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge academic achievements in future.

The deadline is March 1, 2016. For more information please visit

If you have questions regarding the award or nomination process, please contact Marie-Lyne Renaud, Manager for Fellowship and Awards at the Royal Society of Canada (

Happy New Year 2016


and a few rare snowflakes from British Columbia.