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Here are the presentations of the Third Humboldt Symposium in PDF format:

Wolfgang Oschmann (Goethe University, Frankfurt), “There was no Stability: Changes of the Atmosphere throughout Earth’s History”
Henry Mantsch (Department of Foreign Affairs), “Can we Expect to Find ‘our Air’ Elsewhere in the Universe?”

Rolf Mathewes (Simon Fraser University), “Aerobiology: Musings on the Importance of Little Things”

Christopher Heyl (Goethe University, Frankfurt), “Grappling with the Intangible: A (Very) Short Cultural History of the Air”

Roger Wilson (University of British Columbia): “Giving themselves Airs: a View of and from Graeco-Roman Antiquity”

Ashok Aklujkar (University of British Columbia), “How Ancient India Sliced Air Variously”

Samir Gandesha (Simon Fraser University), “Marx, Air and Language”

Frank Stahnisch (University of Calgary), “From Aristotle’s ‘Pneuma’ to Lavoisier’s ‘Oxygen’ - Some Major Physiological Trajectories in the History of Medicine”

Katrin Amian, Humboldt Programmes

Chung-Wai Chow (University of Toronto), “History of Lung Transplants”

Chris Carlsten (University of British Columbia), “Clean Air: Haven’t We Done Enough?”

John Stockie (Simon Fraser University), “Mathematics of Pollutant Transport in the Atmosphere”

Anshuman Khare (Athabasca University), “Auto Industry Clears the Air”

Jennifer Decker (University of Ottawa), “Refractive Index of Air and its Influence on Precision Length Measurement”

Waldemar Lehn (University of Manitoba), “The Novaya Zemlya Effect”

Mark MacLachlan (University of British Columbia), “For Richer Pore: New Porous Materials Designed for Hydrogen Storage”

Ira M. Wolff (NORAM Engineering, Vancouver), “Process Air”

Sree Valluri, (University of Western Ontario), “Thermoelectric Energy Sources for Environmentally Benign Power Generation and Reduction of Air Pollution”

See Leang Chin (Laval University), “Intense Laser Sword Piercing through Air”

Sigi Stiemer (University of British Columbia), “Air as Propulsion Medium for Fluid-Structures Interaction Problems”