Letter from our Secretary

Dear Colleagues;avh-104

In an effort to keep things rolling, we have expanded the Executive to include regional representatives (as suggested by many of you and your colleagues). Some of you may be surprised to see your name on the list as members-at-large (MAL), representing specific communities of AvHers. We can remove it if you prefer, but your inclusion is based on your expressed interest in HAC matters. We hope you can stay and help us build a vibrant HAC. It is a big country, and it is probably better to have too many rather than too few regions represented, so we should consider including additional reps.

One objective of this note is to provide each of you with a list of the ‘executive’ (see link). The list may be a bit confusing, as it is a conversion from table format to ‘plain text.

A second is to remind/inform you of our new website (www.HumboldtCanada.com). Items of interest to the HAC/AvH community should be sent to Sigi for uploading to the website.

Finally, to let you know that we have a small local committee that is working toward a May 11-13, 2005 NATIONAL HAC CONFERENCE. We have a ‘footprint’ booking at the Banff Centre, and are working to develop a budget that will provide a partial subsidy for ACTIVE MEMBERS (CURRENT SUGGESTED annual membership $30). We have proposed that all Ehemahliger are HAC members; active (fee paying) members will be enfranchised and have other benefits such as subsidies to attend the (bi)annual meeting; the subsidies in question are those sponsored by HAC through its resources and should not be confused with programs (and subsidies) of the AvH Stiftung.

I plan one more general (national) mailing to the Fellows on my list. The objective will be to let them know (again; Gernot mentioned it in his letter) about the website, and to generate some enthusiasm for HAC activities, including getting a few more regional MAL’s.

Best wishes, Len Wiebe