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Dec 24 2016



This year no Feuerzangebowle, but something Canadian:

Dec 03 2016

soon there will be a report about the recent Kolleg …


Here is the first set of slides by Dr. E.A. Evans, UBC. You can either look at the PDF file:Evans Humboldt Kolleg 05 07 2016 (PDF) or download the PPT file: Evans Humboldt Kolleg 05 07 2016 (PPT) More posting will follow, as well as the President’s Report (see below)

Dec 02 2016

updates by Dr. Anshuman Khare


Phantom ex machina – Digital disruption’s role in business model transformation •       Editors: Anshuman Khare, Rod Scahtz and Brian Stewart •       Date of Publication: October 2016 (anticipated) •       Book’s companion website:  •       Publisher:  Springer US, 233 Spring Street, New York NY 10013, USA.             Managing in …

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